Historic Downtown Apex, NC                 919-239-0041

Shaggy to Chic Dog Grooming is a professional, home-based
grooming shop in Downtown Apex, NC.

Not every environment is right for every dog or every owner.  
Shaggy to Chic is small and intimate.  We strive for quality grooms over
quantity.  We like to work on one dog from start to finish, taking the time
to give him or her our full attention through the entire groom.  

Your pet will be in a calm, quiet, low-stress environment with lots of care
and one-on-one attention.  We love our pets and will treat yours like one
of our own!

Shaggy to Chic is conveniently located near Cary, Holly Springs,
Raleigh and Fuquay-Varina.  
Jody Whitehurst, Owner, Groomer
- Jody, Owner of Shaggy to Chic
Unfortunately, Shaggy to Chic is currently only
accepting new clients for nail trims, or those
requiring a bath and brush only.